These cars have all been on the hit-list by Jeremy Clarkson and the gang for the worst supercars ever made. Surprisingly, a lot of them have been made over 20 years ago apart from the most recent Swiss Weber Faster Industrial Technologies Inc One released in 2008. With an impressive top speed of 260 mph the only drawback is that no-one has ever actually driven this car and that it was designed without the ‘sex-appeal’ of more contemporary models.
More recently released to the public was the Japanese model the Mitsuoka Orochi in 2005. James May raved about this particular car and gave it high appraise however the ‘inspired by Honda NSX’ model was nowhere as sleek, stylish as a supercar should be. Nor was it acceptably fast enough to be labelled a supercar, just like the Panther 6 which was released in 1977 that reached speeds of 200mph but was never actually documented.
Surprisingly there is a Ferrari and an Aston Martin Virage in the top 10. Both designed for lazier generations Porter’S Five Forces Example Starbucks that didn’t appeal to the mass markets and cobbled together using all the skill of a flat pack from IKEA.
The DeLorean DMC-12 released in 1995 in the eyes of our Jeremy Clarkson moved more like a metro than it did a sleek, expensive supercar and similarly the Vector M12 released in 1995 was termed ‘the worst car in the entire world’ due its low spec finish and build quality to rival a garden tent.
Commissioned as an ‘F1 spec car for the road’ the Caparo T1 could do 0-100mph in 5 seconds however this particular model broke down or blew up more than it did reach top speeds. The Jaguar XJ220 unleashed in 1992 was also of similar ‘quality’, consumers were given all the promise of a hyper car and were delivered the disappointment of a 4WD V12 engine instead.
Finally on the list, the Lamborghini Jalpa. Released in 1981 this supercar suffered more because of the hefty luxury price tag as do most of these overpriced, overrated supercars, I think I’d rather spend less money and buy an Audi A4.

By master