Selling Designer Handbags – Tips on Creating a Profitable Wholesale Handbag Business

Selling Designer Handbags – Tips on Creating a Profitable Wholesale Handbag Business

It is no surprise that designer handbags are high demand items. While trends may come and go, fashion is much more stable than any economy. And since handbags are so versatile, consumers tend to purchase more than they truly need. When bags come in so many sizes and styles, it is tempting to purchase one for every occasion and outfit.

Unfortunately, most of us are not able to afford many designer handbags. Brand name bags are a luxury and generally purchased online or at other discounted retailers. Buying designers bags wholesale is practically an art unto itself! This makes getting into the wholesale handbag business so successful. If you can find and market true brand name purses at wholesale prices – your customer base will explode.

Here are some tips when starting your own wholesale designer handbag business:


This is one of the most important factors when selling luxury bags wholesale. Consumers are looking for the best price. Many will fall for scams and fake merchandise in their hunt. If you can establish yourself as a business that sells the real deal for fractions of the cost of a retail bag, you may not need to spend much in marketing. Women will find you.


Sure you can make money selling fake or sub-par bags. But do you really want to? Selling authentic merchandise is the best way to cement repeat customers for the life of your business.


Instead of focusing on what designer, or type of bag, branch out and include several options. Keep an eye out for great deals and change your product line often. You do not want your offerings to grow stale.

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Online Resources:

Starting an online business can be overwhelming. Consider using online wholesale directories, like Salehoo, and other resources to do some of the work for you. Wholesale directories not only make it easier to locate wholesale and dropshipping company, but can also narrow down options to those that deal with your products, provide cost comparisons, and offer online communities and customer support.

As with any start-up there is risk involved, but doing your research, striving to be reputable, and good marketing are all indicators of a profitable venture.