SaleHoo Directory Listing – Is SaleHoo More Comprehensive Than Other Listings?

Have you been searching the World Wide Web for opportunities to earn a profit via reselling? If so how are you going about this endeavor? What resources are you using? What are your requirements and are they being met or are you continually being frustrated by leads that are not getting you the results you want. In the business of wholesale products, drop shipping, liquidators and reselling there is a good opportunity to earn profits but one must also be wary of dubious individuals who pose as wholesale suppliers or drop shippers who only want to scam people of their hard earned money. There are many ways of acquiring the names and details of real wholesale suppliers and drop shippers as well as those that pose as legitimate ones. The use of directory listings like SaleHoo instead of randomly searching the internet is definitely a time and effort saver however the challenge is finding out which supplier is real or a scammer as well as how to find out if the drop shipper or wholesale supplier is reliable.

There are many directory listings in the internet both paid for services and free ones, since free directory listing sites usually have a disclaimer that says they do not guarantee anything on their list we’ll not include them in our comparison article as it would just waste our time. SaleHoo is possibly the most recognized brand of wholesale directory today it is however not the only paid for directory, in fact it is relatively new compared to sites. DOBA, and Drop ship design all started a couple of years before SaleHoo but are they at par? DOBA started in 2002 and for $120 joining fee you obtain access to more than one million products provided by over 200 suppliers and. Drop ship design on the other hand was born in 2003 and lists greater than half a million products via drop shipping only though so those that are looking into wholesale deals may find certain limitations with this site.

They also have different one time plans with the basic starting at $49.99 all the way to one cent shy of $200. The most expensive plan seems at par with the services of other sites so I suppose we can compare their $199.99 to the price of the other sites. SaleHoo was launched in 2005 and has 1.5 million products from staff verified and researched suppliers. They also do not end verification once the supplier is listed; they regularly sample the items of suppliers to see if they are still active and that their items are of good quality. All that for $147 one time fee although it usually has price reductions and nets at $67.

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