Industrial Diseases and Worker Health

Industrial diseases are workplace illnesses that slowly develop in workers who are exposed to hazardous conditions over time. They can result in lifelong sickness, temporary or permanent disability, and even death. When workers become sick from What Is A Heavy Industry occupational conditions, they can lose their ability to work and may rack up costly medical bills for treatment. Industrial diseases are costly both in terms of lives and money and can leave loyal workers feeling betrayed and helpless.
Risks of Disease
Many industrial diseases result from insidious conditions that are inherently part of a job. Black Lung Disease, for example, is common in long-time coal miners who breathe in coal dust on a daily basis. Other diseases result from exposure to toxic substances, gases, chemicals, or loud noise. All of these occupational hazards can result in long term damage to workers if adequate protective equipment is not used and safety precautions are not followed. Other common industrial diseases include asbestosis, asthma, chemical poisoning, dermatitis, and severe hearing loss.
Employers’ Responsibility
Your employer has a duty to keep workers safe from occupational hazards by either eliminating the hazard or giving workers adequate protection and warning to minimize the risk. For example, factories must keep employees safe by keeping toxic substances contained and providing workers with breathing masks, eye protection, and other gear in case of a leak. Factories must also have an adequate warning system and evacuation plan in case a disaster occurs. When employers don’t take reasonable action to keep their workers safe from industrial diseases, they can be held liable for any injuries or illness that result.
Why You May Need a Lawyer
If you are a victim of an industrial disease, you likely feel betrayed. You have worked hard and demonstrated loyalty toward your employer, only to find that they have not done the same for you. Consider contacting a personal injury lawyer to help you initiate an industrial disease claim. A personal injury attorney can hold your employer legally accountable for your injuries and illness and will fight to get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages from time off of work, temporary or permanent disability, and pain and suffering.
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