OmniCure S Series provides precision adhesive when it comes to curing medical devices, optoelectronics and electronics. Its accuracy features and critical nature give it a repeatable approach, making it reliable in delivering the highest quality service despite its low manufacturing costs. For this reason, the OmniCure S Series accompanies various light guides for both single and multi-legged guides. Besides, it also includes a vast range of optical adapters essential for meeting customer needs.

Guides and Adapters

Liquid Light Guides

It is one of the most popular light guides available in sizes 3, 5 and 8 in diameter at the tip. The liquid light guide accompanies multiple standard lengths between 750 mm to 3000 mm. Besides, this OmniCure liquid light guide comprises double and triple-leg features suitable for multi-site curing. This provides a helpful feature essential for curing applications or components.

High-Power Fiber Light Guide

As the liquid light guide, the high-power fiber guide is available in various lengths and supplies a similar distribution of light energy to different cure sites. The energy originates from a single light source and is readily supplied to multiple positions. It also features various legs to accommodate other curing sites., making the curing efficient and effective.

High-Power Fiber Light Line

The OmniCure high-power line provides a high output linear beam essential to provide adequate curing energy. The fibers are often continuously generated from the light guide input to termination, sequentially eradicating coupling losses with standard light-line add-ons.

UV Cure-Ring Optical Adapter

OmniCure cure ring permits a light guide of up to 360 degrees of curing power to facilitate the process efficiently. Standard rings to use for the curing process are available both in solid and slotted versions. That is, the ring incorporates liquid light guides in-line with UV cure-ring optical adapters.

UV Light-Line Optical Adapters

The UV light-line optical adapter provides a focused, linear beam is an imperative adapter used to channel curing energy to small rows. Here, it involves curing smaller areas of components, including tubing and cables. These components often measure up to two inches in line length, making UV light-line optical adapters suitable for the efficient curing process.

Adjustable Spot Collimating Adapter

The OmniCure adjustable collimating adapter remains the best pick for components or applications measuring a uniform sport ranging from one to six inches. This allows for equal power distributions, enabling even curing for maximum efficiency. Besides, the adapter is readily attached and detached to the OmniCure seamlessly.

Advantages of OmniCure S Series

The OmniCure S Series is a crucial and versatile entry-level system used in curing systems manually or automatically. Distributed by Lumen Dynamics, they accompany various benefits that make its usability effective and efficient. Some of the fundamental advantages of OmniCure systems are easy-to-use, versatile, intelligent, adjustable iris and diameter controlled. These, among other benefits, make such systems suitable for curing, especially with their compatible nature with various guides and adapters.

Though the OmniCure S Series comes in handy in curing various industrial components, different guides and adapters are crucial to boost its performance. This guide provides insights about OmniCure S Series guides and adapters that work best with the system.

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