Before selecting the best carpet cleaners, you should know what type of carpet you are dealing with. Antique carpets are often in fragile states, which is why you should never use very high temperatures when cleaning them. The dyes and patterns on the carpets fade fast if extremely hot water is applied to them. Even modern carpets should be washed carefully. Carpets glued to the floor come apart when hot water dissolves Method Of Industrial Engineering the glue. This is the primary reason you should pay special attention to the heat tolerance of upholstery and carpets before purchasing these machines. Before using carpet steam cleaners on carpets, spot test to see if they can withstand high temperatures. If you are not sure, it is always a smart idea to stay on the lower side of the temperature scale and use water that is not too hot for cleaning the carpets.
The best carpet cleaners are not always the ones with heating options. While heated water is indispensable to certain applications, lightly soiled carpets can be easily cleaned with a cold water machine. The best carpet cleaning systems are those that offer powerful yet gentle cleaning, keeping the carpet safe while eliminating dirt, dust, odors, pet stains, ink, food stains, and other unwanted matter. If cold water is not enough for cleaning, you can add a biodegradable detergent to the water for better results.
Hot water carpet cleaners have temperatures as high as 210A�F. These machines can heat water, while some cold water carpet cleaners can accept hot water but will not heat it.
Hot water removes stains and odors as the heat and steam embed deep into the fabric and remove all debris and dirt from deep within. Most odors are caused by decaying organic matter, and carpets particularly in heavy traffic areas need frequent cleaning.
Low Moisture
Low moisture carpet cleaning machines are a necessity for all commercial cleaning applications. Because of restrictions on water use and difficulty associated with waste water disposal, industrial cleaners are designed to use as little water as possible. These carpet cleaning machines may be used on client locations as well because of their water efficiency.
The best carpet cleaner should use low moisture technology because less water use serves another function. Carpets washed in minimal water dry faster. This reduces the possibility of mold growth. Mold on moist carpets can become a big problem, causing allergies and odors. By using water-efficient carpet cleaning machines, this problem is resolved.
Continuous Manufacturing Goals Use
If you are purchasing carpet steam cleaners, you need to remember that these industrial carpet cleaners should be able to run nonstop in order to clean the maximum number of carpets. The best carpet cleaner machines have large solution and recovery tanks that allow longer periods of uninterrupted use. Another useful feature is auto fill and auto dump, which mechanizes the process of filling and emptying the tanks. This feature saves time and labor and promotes higher productivity.
The best carpet cleaners offer a combination of powerful cleaning, productivity, and value for money.

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