Are Industrial Emissions the Largest Contributor to Poor Air Quality?

When most people mentally analyze the contributing factors to air pollution and poor air quality, many mistakenly believe that industrial emissions have the biggest affect on the air.
At one point, before cars were so widely used, factories were the major contributing factor in air pollution, but in a society where transportation is important, this is no longer the case. Today, vehicles create an even larger Industrial Engineering Book amount of air pollution, especially in high traffic, congested areas. Between the emissions given off by a vehicles’ exhaust and the refining of the fuel needed to operate a car, air quality can take a very hard hit.
The average consumer can take several steps that to help reduce their own contribution to this serious problem. Walking or riding a bike when traveling short distances reduces pollution. Using public transportation whenever possible can also be a great help. Keeping vehicles maintained properly also helps reduce emissions and fuel usage, while saving the owner money in the long run on repairs. Overall, drivers should simply be conscientious about their own vehicle usage.
Car manufacturers also have a big responsibility in what effects their vehicles have on the atmosphere. Nearly every car manufacturer has begun taking steps to correct the problems created by the vehicles they produce. More people are driving gas-electric hybrid vehicles or purchase vehicles made to use mixed-use fuels which produce less emissions and a smaller carbon footprint during production. The Environmental Protection Agency has tightened regulations on fuel economy and emissions systems in new vehicles, putting a watchful government eye on the effects of the car manufacturers on the environment.
Though poor air quality is a serious problem, particularly in urban areas, people can take steps to change the situation. With public education, government programs and the cooperation of car manufacturers, much of the pollution Food Manufacturing Strategy problem will begin to disappear. It will take time and the involvement of the entire population, but reducing the effects of vehicle emissions and fuel consumption to decrease pollution is certainly not impossible.

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