Your Weekend In Nottingham

If you are tired of picnicking or having a tedious time visiting your relatives at the weekends it is high time to think about something interesting as for example going to Nottingham, where every member of your family can easily find a lot of things to enjoy. A great number of people flock to the city of Nottingham mainly because of the Tales of the legendary Robin Hood and his brave deeds. One attraction on the Maid Marian Way is definitely ready to carry you back to those times of the hero and help you discover all about his thrilling adventures.
As for the visual environment everything in the city points to its architecturally-rich streets. Eminent designers and architects have put much effort to make the city`s appearance beautiful and thus, nowadays Nottingham can boast a wonderful legacy left by them. Wollaton Hall compels special attention together with the admirable area of parkland where the house stands. This stately building has had many masters and now it is a natural history museum. Wollaton Park being a large beautiful area is often used for such events as rock gigs and festivals. But the most amusing thing about the park is that it is home to many notable species such as Red and Fallow Deer, Rook Jackdaw and Jay, Nuthatch and many others. Paying a visit to the Galleries of Justice can be rather interesting and educative as well. This museum of crime and punishment can show you not only the courtrooms but the gaol itself that date back to the 14th and 15th century.
Another museum that the city is proud of is the Industrial Museum in the Courtyard. If you are interested to know more about different technological advance of the past concerning textiles, telephone network, transport and other technologies Chinese Leaves Meaning the Courtyard will proudly present you the entire advance from Nottingham’s past. There you can see examples of momentous lace-making machinery of the British Empire for yourself which put the city on the textile map.
The mysterious Classification Of Manufacturing Industries City of Caves
Have you ever been to the City of Cave? If you visit Nottingham you are sure to kill two birds with one stone. Man-made subterranean caves brought fame to the city. Mainly there lived the poor of the city. Some of the underground rooms and passageways date back even to the 13th and 14th centuries. Visiting this subterranean city will give you a vivid sensation of cold and poverty reigned here underground many years ago. This excursion offers young and old alike an opportunity to learn and discover many interesting things about the place once called Tigguo Cobauc. The city is open and very hospitable, due to Student Lets Nottingham and Property Nottingham every student or tourist can easily find a suitable and affordable proper dwelling. Shopaholics have a great opportunity to plunge into Nottingham’s exclusive Flying Horse Walk, Victoria Centre or Westfield Broadmarsh Shopping Centre where shopping aficionados can purchase even the latest designer fashions.

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