Why Lease Peugeot Vehicles?

The French manufacturer Peugeot has long been on the radar for drivers due to their reputation for producing high quality, affordable, family-friendly Industrial Engineering Data Analytics vehicles. First founded in 1891 by Armand Peugeot under the name Societe des Automobiles Peugeot, Peugeot’s roots go way back to the 19th century.
The Peugeot family first started off in the coffee mill and bicycle manufacturing industry. Inspired by using steel rods to produce bicycles; the Peugeot family turned their hand to automobile manufacturing around the turn of the century. The first Peugeot vehicle (a three-wheeled steam powered car) was produced in 1889 but the 3-wheeled design was quickly abandoned in favour of 4-wheeled vehicles with petrol-fuelled engines.
Since its first foray into the world of automobile manufacture; Peugeot has gone from strength to strength. With an annual yearly revenue of around A�55 billion (2008) it’s clear the new range of Peugeot models (106, 206, RCZ Coupe, 308 etc) are proving to be a big hit with drivers all around the world. In fact, Peugeot models are constantly topping the lease lists of major companies around the globe.
So, what is it that makes Peugeot vehicles such a popular lease choice?
A� Affordable pricing: Unlike other vehicle manufacturers in its class, Peugeot hasn’t got greedy. Peugeot have kept true to their promise of creating family-friendly, reliable vehicles for affordable prices.
A� Great track record: Peugeot are constantly topping the list for reliable vehicles and it’s not hard to see why! State-of-the-art engineering and a great knowledge of the automobile industry has led Peugeot to design and manufacture a range of vehicles which really stand the test of time, no matter how careless the driver.
A� Wide variety of models: Over the last few decades, Peugeot has designed and manufactured a wide range of models which perform well on both city streets and country roads. Universal in their appeal; Peugeot vehicles are often credited with having the personality their counterparts so regularly lack.
Whatever your likes or dislikes; it’s hard to find fault with Peugeot’s fantastic range of commercial and non-commercial vehicles. 7 Lean Principles Professional and affordable; it looks like Peugeot is the French brand which won’t be disappearing any time soon.

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