What Industrial Panel Saw Accessories Are Recommended?

When industrial woodworking shops need to cut material into specifically measured pieces, they use an industrial Product Manufacturing Company panel saw. In addition to cutting wood, this saw can also cut through aluminum, plastic, and melamine.
Woodworkers can acquire horizontal or vertical saws, with the difference being that vertical saws take up less space while horizontal saws offer more versatility. Edging is easier to complete with a panel saw because lumber passes through the table saw while it lies on a sliding table. One of the ways that woodworkers get the most out of their commercial woodworking machinery is by purchasing accessories that allow a table saw to handle a wide range of jobs. This article will take a look at many of the essential industrial panel saw accessories that shops might purchase after acquiring a panel saw.
A Stand
A stand will be included with most saws, but it needs to be purchased separately for models that are bolt onto the wall. Shops that have space limitations or that need a mobile industrial panel saw like ones used on construction sites can buy a folding stand.
Companies that need a mobile panel saw should make sure that the saw’s stand includes wheels. If it does not, then the woodworking shop will need to invest in wheels so that the saw can be moved around easily.
Flip Stop
This accessory helps woodworkers speed up the wood cutting process when multiple pieces are to be cut with the same measurements. The flip stop is placed at a specific spot so that the operator of this commercial woodworking Manufacturing Companies machinery does not have to conduct measurements before each cut. Woodworkers who need to make multiple cuts of regularly changing dimensions can also get a quick stop gauging kit to easily move the flip stop position.
Midway Fence
Meant for smaller cuts, this accessory is similar to the flip stop in that it makes it easier for the operator to cut the wood. The midway fence keeps the operator from having to bend down over and over to make cuts.
Extension Kit
Shops that purchase a small industrial panel saw but occasionally need the capabilities of a larger saw can invest in an extension kit. This kit creates a larger base for the panel to slide on during cutting. Each brand of saw has different extension size options. For example, adding a 2″ extension to each side of a 5″ saw will provide the abilities of a 9″ saw.
A router plate is necessary for completing intricate cuts or designs. A computer numerically controlled (CNC) router will handle warps, twists, and other difficult cuts using a template designed in a CAD program. A router is impractical for hobbyists but very beneficial for users of commercial woodworking machinery.
The accessories mentioned above are just a few of the accessories that one can purchase for an industrial panel saw. To find the right saw and accessories for one’s woodworking needs, speak with a vendor who specializes in commercial woodworking machinery.

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