What Are The Latest Hot Trends In The Toy And Game Industry And How To Profit From It?

Well there are several ways to find out. Go to toy and game forums and see what most people are talking about, or go to Amazon and see what the latest hot toys and games are on there.
You could also try eBay’s, hottest products, and keep an eye out for any toy and game trade fairs, updates on YouTube or on TV, the list is endless but you probably get the idea.
At present small, inexpensive, cute and fun toys seem to be the in-thing for toys. Go-Go Pets is the most obvious one. For board games there doesn’t seem to be much change, traditional is best with the state of the world’s economies at present. Monopoly, Scrabble, card games, etc.
People are seeking security in things that they are comfortable or familiar with. So coming up with a new card game, or board game that relies on a board, playing pieces instead of some space age concept with DVD,s, etc has a better chance at the moment.
Developing an idea around age old concepts may work as well. I did that with a successful puzzle. I looked through some 15 to 19 century puzzles and found a concept that l used modern materials on, and created a successful idea.
Going to a Toy Fair is the best way, but you will need a business name, or get invited as a guest by a toy company that you know that can sign you in…
Two friends developed a board game around Monopoly, or a close cousin to it, and then developed a clever marketing campaign on Facebook to get a large game company to develop it. The game revolved around starting with a gold credit card and through, (hopefully good investments) you could make your way up to a black card, or own billions of dollars worth of assets on it to win.
They also developed a monopoly type character on Facebook that got Hasbro’s attention, (Hasbro owns Monopoly and is the world’s largest toy and game company) then substantial profits was only a matter of time.
Most people develop, (or try to develop) an idea on an already popular concept, with most failing. But there are reasons why the failure rate is so high.
• Most people try one to three times, then give up. I personally tried 7 times when l got into this exciting area with an early success. And l have to admit that l got my original idea from an old puzzle, in a 15 to 19 century puzzle book.
• Some people take the high risk path. The high risk path is mortgaging their house on an idea related to Monopoly or other popular board game, etc; and since their friends and family convince them that it is a winner, even though Hasbro has rejected it, they go ahead anyway and lose $100,000 or more or their house at worst.
It is best to run your idea past a professional business first, then after several years when you start to get a feel for this Advantages Of Industrial Development then you can start to make your own judgements about what board game can work and what won’t.
The experts can sometime reject a great idea, but that is few and far between.
It all boils down to how do you churn out great ideas and quickly develop them into an idea to show them. Keeping your eyes and ears open to anything that can be developed is the best approach. It doesn’t have to be based on a hot board game.
Another way is to loosely develop your idea around 2 or three popular ideas. Instead of basing it on Monopoly, try developing an idea around Monopoly and chess, or Monopoly and Scrabble.
A few areas to keep away from Manufacturing Engineer Jobs when developing an idea is…
• Board games that use a lot of plastic, plastic extrusion can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars extra for a game company. So you are decreasing your chances if you wanted to develop a variation to Mousetrap for example.
• Toys and puzzle ideas can make you a lot less than a board game, although as Rubik’s Cube has shown they can also make a lot of money. There are other reasons, but they are the main ones.
So, to wrap up l would recommend approaching a game company in your area, after developing 1 to 3 good ideas as much as you can. The more developed an idea the more chance you have of them saying, yes!

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