Using Online Resources to Manage Your Wholesale Business Reputation

The most important factor that ensures the success of any wholesale business is its reputation in the eyes of its retailers, suppliers, distributors etc. It is true for online wholesale business as well. It takes years to build your business reputation and it once damaged cannot recover easily. Negative reputation spoils the name of the wholesale business whether it is online or not. As everyone knows wholesale business is on large scale and profits are heavy so if its reputation spoils, there is a danger that the whole business ruins in a short time without giving enough time to recover that reputation.

Hence, building your wholesale business reputation is as necessary as blood is to human body. But building reputation is not enough. Managing and improving this reputation is also important to continue the trust and confidence of your current customers and suppliers. Online resources can play an important role in managing your wholesale business reputation. Following are given some of the major online resources which can help to maintain the wholesale business reputation in a significant way:

Article Writing:

Article writing is most common online resource for wholesalers to maintain their business reputation. Wholesalers post their online articles on their websites and it brings a lot of traffic on their website and can provide the biggest marketing boost to their business. Updating the articles helps to maintain and improve this reputation.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is also an important online resource with which wholesalers are able to build and manage their wholesale business reputation by sending campaigns. Wholesalers send an email marketing campaign that directs the traffic to different review sites with the instructions to comment positively about them.

Auto respondents:

Auto respondents help to maintain the wholesale business reputation by generating automatic email replies. When retailers or your suppliers email you, an auto respondent automatically generates the reply of that email and sends it. In this way reputation of a business gets secured that someone is always there to serve them.


If the suppliers, retailers, distributors etc have any queries they post forums on wholesaler’s online website. As a wholesaler you can maintain your business reputation by posting prompt answers to their queries. Always staying active on the forums enhances your wholesale business reputation to a significant extent.

Press Releases:

Submitting a press release on a specific site helps the wholesaler to appear on a number of websites all over the world. This increases the business relationships with other suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. Increased business relations results in increased reputation of the business.

Twitter or face book:

These are the famous sites on which mostly different businesses posts their links. Wholesalers can post their business links on such famous websites in order to attract more people towards their business because the more people talk about your business, the more it is better for you to increase the reputation.

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