Understanding Pressure Washer PSI And GPM Values

Almost in every industry standards have been develop to help manufacturers, regulators and the general public interpret and understand the function of appliances and machines. For example in vehicles speed may be expressed in km/h or miles per hour. In weather thermometers communicate temperature in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. This are important standards which when removed renders everything meaningless. The same applies to washer machines.
By definition a pressure washer is a high pressure machine designed to convert low pressure water to a high pressure flow which can be used for both home and industrial applications. In order to have a standard way of communicating the capabilities of any washer the industry developed certain terms that are used by both regulators and customers to purchase the right unit for their respective purposes. The most important terms used in washer machines are PSI and GPM.
PSI is short for pressure per square inch. It is one of the most important values used in washer units. It communicates the pressure with which water is released by the washer. Typically PSI values range from 1300psi to 4000psi. The lowest being those washers used in a home setting to do the most basic cleaning work that does not require a lot of pressure. The high end values of 3000psi to 4000psi are associated with heavy duty industrial washer units that do heavy duty jobs such as paint stripping off cars and buildings.
A washer unit with a very high value in terms of psi can actually be dangerous and will require skilled application. Technically speaking what controls psi levels on a washer unit is a little attachment at the end of the wand called nozzle. This can increase or decrease the psi output. On the other hand GPM International Competition Examples is short for gallons per minute. These are gallons of water released by the washer machine. This is also an important value as it communicates how much water flow to expect out if the machine per minute. This has implications on how thorough the machine will be able to clean and how fast it can do that.
It follows that heavy industrial washer units if say 4000psi also have a very high GPM value of say 3.5GPM. When choosing a washer to buy these two values will becoming very important. They will also have an implication on Electrician Trade School Illinois the price you will have to pay for a unit and how big the build of the unit is. Higher value psi units have a bigger build and often mounted on wheels compared to low end psi value units which can be lifted with one hand.

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