The global automotive industry is showing signs of revival since the beginning of 2010 after last two turbulent years which witnessed the filing of bankruptcy by auto giant General Motors due to turmoil in the economy. Worst recessionary trends witnessed in 2009 look poised to fade, albeit at snail’s pace, with consumer spending yet to return to normalcy.
The hallmark of the global auto industry is innovation and we have come a very long way from the day of invention of the wheel and powering of the first motor car. Vehicles like cars and trucks no longer portray symbols of status, but have become part of essential necessities in developed countries and ever-increasing list of developing countries.
The major players in the auto industry, including Ford, Toyota, General Motors, Hyundai and Suzuki Motors, have unleashed a range of new models to capture the eye of the consumer, who is holding back his purse strings struggling to fight recession.
What should you look for Industrial Engineering And Management Scope in a vehicle in 2010?
The technological advancements have changed and redefined the concept of vehicle design. The insistence on high level of safety standards, and adoption of greener technologies, coupled with energy and fuel efficiency has brought the best of the design from the auto manufacturers. Energy conservation, fuel economy, comfort, style and affordability are the major things that an avid customer looks for in a vehicle in the present circumstances.
A new model unleashed by Toyota Motor, the sleek-looking Prius, is one that will catch the eye of the customer. Not only is the car unique in the sense it is a full hybrid electric car, but the looks and style appears pleasing to say the least. Slightly on the higher side, of course, on cost comparisons, Toyota’s Prius would be a serious contender among alternatives for a customer who looks for that little extra style and comfort in addition to fuel economy.
In the luxury class, a host of manufacturers are tying to catch the eye of the customer who values luxury, style and comfort in addition to fuel economy and safety standards.
BMW, the other name for style in automotive industry, unleashed a range of vehicles to the style-savvy customer. The new 2010 BMW 5 series, having the new V8 engine that is capable of boosting 0 – 60 mph in less than 6 seconds, is a serious contender in the luxury brand while not compromising on fuel economy and other interior features.
For the connoisseurs of luxury and style, 2010 Audi 8 model car will be a real teaser. The unique feature of this extravagant vehicle is the splendid interiors New Fields Of Industrial Engineering made of leather and wood inlays, and acres of comfort for the passengers, in addition to the stylish looks and superior performance on the road.
For the middle and upper middle class and nuclear family segment that is growing at a faster pace in emerging countries, the ideal picks would include Scion from Toyota Motor and Honda Civic Si from the stable of Honda motors.

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