Top 5 Industrial Fastener Mistakes

For many individuals, using industrial fasteners is easy. They simply choose the type of fastener they need and complete their project quickly and efficiently. However, for some it is a little more difficult. If you are having trouble using your fasteners correctly, consider the following.

Mistakes To Avoid With Tools Used In Industry Industrial Fasteners

Those who do not know a lot about nails, screws, bolts, and nuts often find themselves making mistakes. While these mistakes may be simple and easily avoided, once they are made, they can completely ruin a project. Here are a few of the most common mistakes you should try to avoid.

Using The Wrong Kind of Fasteners- Fasteners come in all shapes and sizes. While it may seem to some that a nail is just a nail and a screw is just a screw, there are several different kinds of these fasteners and no two are alike. Consider for a moment that you have decided to replace the shingles on your roof and you grab concrete nails. This type of nail is not going to work well because it is designed specifically for going into concrete or masonry. For this type of project, you need roofing nails. Make sure you are using the correct kind of fasteners before you begin your project.

Not Using Enough Fasteners- Let’s say for a moment that you decided to fix the kitchen table, but you lost a few screws along the way. If you fail to replace these screws, the table is not going to stand up to the weight of your next meal; it may not stand up at all. Don’t ever try to skimp on the number of fasteners you use. The results can be disastrous.

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Placing The Fasteners In The Wrong Location- When you are installing your deck, the location of your deck screws or deck nails is extremely important. This location will Free Industry Analysis Reports determine whether you can walk across your deck or simply fall through to the ground. Make sure to measure and mark where every single fastener need to be placed.

Spacing The Fasteners Too Far Apart- The space between your fasteners is essential. If you are working on the walls of your home, you will need to attach the drywall to the wall studs. If you place to drywall screws at the top of your wall, but none at the bottom, what is going to keep the dry wall in your home secure? Use proper spacing with your fasteners to ensure your project turns out great.

Using Fasteners That are Too Short or Too Long- When you are hammering nails into your roof to secure your shingles, there is a good chance you don’t want to be doing the same thing next month. If you use nails that are too short, the heat and moisture can cause the nails to pop up and loosen. On the contrary, if you have decided to finally fix the leg on your coffee table, using nails that are too long may result in the nail sticking out and scraping your leg every time you walk by.

For the inexperienced, industrial fasteners can be a tricky subject. However, with these tips you will have no problem making sure your project is done right the first time.

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