Review is a site dedicated to providing information and access to various work at home opportunities. This review provides a description of the site and our assessment of the type of user that would benefit the most from the resources it provides.

As described on the site, is a “news reporting service” for work at home opportunities. In our research, however, we found the site to be more similar to a job search site rather than a “news reporting service.” Registration on is free if you provide your name and e-mail address. After registering, users are directed to the various work at home listings provided on the site in categories as varied as customer service and web design.

It is important to note that although the registration instructions on the home page indicate that you will receive an e-mail to complete your registration, we were immediately granted access to the job listings.

We did not have to wait for an e-mail confirmation to peruse the resources that offers. As stated in the Terms of Service, some of the postings or “services” are supported by advertising revenue. Therefore, some of the listings may appear because the business owner paid for space on the site. This is not to say that the job opportunity is not legitimate or a good fit for your skills. Even though some of the postings may be paid advertisements, users are still exposed to a wide range of work at home resources, for free, that they may not have found otherwise.


It is unclear why does not list itself as a job search site. However, we noted that listings which are sponsored are clearly indicated on the site as a “Sponsored Link,” so that a user is aware of the affiliation. Who would benefit?

Our investigation of the site and its resources leads us to deduce that the site is Primary Industry Jobs best suited for beginners or those just embarking on their work at home careers.

The resources provided seem to require basic skills and may help a novice telecommuter get a foothold in the Advantages Of Manufacturing Business and gain some quick experience. Beginners in the work at home industry often have the most trouble making contacts and have very little in their portfolio of work experience to be considered for higher paying jobs, particularly if they had a desk job for most of their career. may be the best place for beginner to not only begin their search, but to be exposed to a variety of jobs to help them gain the necessary experience and skills required to expand their business. Although we have not had a chance to peruse every single job listing provided, in our opinion it seems that those who have been involved in the freelance or work at home industry for an extensive period of time may benefit less than someone new to the industry. Do you have experience with ? Have you found success perusing the listings provided?

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