The Oakley Juliet – Like Having the Protection of Industrial Strength Safety Glasses?

The industrial strength safety glasses manufactured by the big name in the sunglass manufacturing company Oakley Juliet holds a supreme position in the market of sunglasses. Oakley cares for your comfort and it is seriously concerned with the performance of their products when it comes to use in rough or adverse conditions of weather.
There are quite a number of tests performed seriously over the product to ensure the resilience and strength. These are some of the standard tests conducted by important bureau to find out the performance of Senior Manufacturing Engineer Salary their product. If their products qualify these tests then only they will be produced in the market. The defective or low grade quality productions are rejected and prevented from reaching you in the market.
The premium eyewear from Oakley has to surpass the protection requirements that are specified by American national standards institute (ANSI). ANSI Z87.1 happens to be an industrial standard and part of it is the high mass impact test. In this test the lens is tested for physical strength and resilient properties.
Here the lens is struck hard by a spike made of metal or even by weight more than a pound. Then it is subjected to Importance Of Business Services another test where it is dropped from a height measuring 51.2 inches or in other words a height of four feet.
The product is considered to have passed the test only when no fragments from the frame or lens dangle out as a result of these impacts in such a way so as o cause harm to your eyes.
The test has been formulated in such a way so that the company can ensure the safety of their clients during the use of their products. Resistance ability against objects that are quite heavy and travelling at a reduced speed is tested.
Practically in real world there can be many situations where there are chances while ski you may get hit with the tip of the ski very close to your eyes or get a rough brush against a branch when involved in any mountain biking expedition.
The exclusive material and alignment geometry of the Oakley sunglasses make them exceed your expectations. The high impact tests have been devised for this reason that is to ensure quality performance.
It also needs to qualify the tests which contemplate its high velocity protection giving qualities. This is also ensured by ANSI Z87.1. Steel that measures not more than quarter of an inch is accelerated by steel cannon and given a velocity of 102miles/hour. The lens is now subjected to it from 7 different angles and from 3 different heights. To qualify this test, the lens should not make any contact with the eye during such an impact.
See it for yourself now, the amazing and harsh tests that your glasses go through in order to win your confidence.

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