The Industrial Revolution touched everything in society. No bullets were fired in this revolution but instead patents were bestowed to great minds. Instead of cover-ups, new ideas were being uncovered. Instead of a Jihad, the most courageous of inventors were strapping up, and fighting sleep, going late into the night stacking Businesses To Start Now up knowledge as though precious coins. The electric light bulb was a vital driver of the Industrial revolution because without it, those inventors would still be burning the midnight oil, literally. There would have been no late nights, frankly the most progressive time of day, without the electric light bulb.
Thomas Edison was a fan of these types of evenings. He loved the weak coffee and sanctitude. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution changes were being noted in England. Not London or the in the big cities, but in the countryside. The labor usually given to yoked animals is now taken by chugging machines. Before the Industrial Revolution was an Agricultural Revolution. Textile manufacturing became completely mechanized. Techniques were gained in refining iron. Thanks to the steam engine coal is now in high demand. Machines can now get people from one place to another as railroads crisscross the continent.
As a result of better techniques in manufacturing and farming, the way people did business also changed. Companies became so big that the owners sold shares of their companies. Investors bought these in the Manufacturing Engineer Technology hopes that the business would continue to grow and they would be rewarded on their investment. Eventually businesses that were once small, became corporations, which had dealings in many different fields.
The Industrial Revolution changed the way people lived at home as well. Whole families moved to the cities to be closer to factories and potentially higher-paying job markets. Early on, the conditions for these workers were poor, as they crowded themselves into apartments and made do with little or no sanitation services. Disease was a wide spread problem. Living in the cities caused society to gain a new working class. Middle class families now populate the suburbs. Men go to work and women stay home. The children get simple educations and grow into their parents. At night the family would sit in the living room and listen to the presidents address on the radio. The radio built with Thomas Edison’s technology.
The costs of the Industrial Revolution were high but lasted only a short while. The workers who slaved away in factories to be maimed by deadly machine parts perhaps couldn’t see what their efforts were worth. America has gained much from the industrialization of the way we live. In the end it was worth it because we made progress. Thomas Edison knew that his work was only for the betterment of our race and that to quit moving forward would be the only kind of true failure.

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