Steam Cleaners – Why is Quality Important?

When it comes to cleaning, commercial steam cleaners are the most efficient, effective, and fast method for removing a host of substances from most surfaces. These cleaners are so successful in their cleaning efforts due to their use of high temperature vapor steam. Generating temperatures up to 360°F, these vapor steam cleaners can readily dissolve stubborn substances for their easy removal from surfaces while sanitizing and disinfecting. However, the use of such high temperatures requires high quality components to ensure the durability and longevity of the machine for years to come.
Quality is a reflection of several different features when it comes to steam cleaners. First and foremost, a high quality, stainless steel boiler is a must. The boiler is the part of the machine where the super-heated water is stored and water is heated to generate steam. Stainless steel boiler tanks are a necessity to ensure that the capability to generate high-temperature steam is maintained throughout the extended life of the machine.
Another aspect affecting the quality of the boiler is the heating rod, the most essential component in steam cleaning machines. After all, a steam cleaning machine cannot generate steam without a heating component. The highest quality steam cleaners feature a removable heating rod. In the event of boiler Electrician School Michigan failure down the road, users of these machines can simply replace the heating rod and continue using their machine for years to come. Other, lower quality machines feature heating rods that are welded to the boiler. In the event of failure, the entire boiler must be replaced, a highly expensive endeavor.
The quality of the machine’s housing must also be considered. For steam cleaner that will truly stand the test of time, they should be housed in stainless steel or rugged, heavy-duty plastic. Steam cleaners housed in sheet metal or other, lighter plastics may not be able to withstand the wear and tear placed on the machine from high temperatures and years of facing grueling applications. It is important to keep in mind the need for stainless steel boilers, removable heating rods, and heavy-duty, durable construction when finding the right steam cleaners for you. However, promises of high quality components may only go so far. That is why it is important to purchase steam cleaners from a reputable company offering warranties.
In fact, the best suppliers offer extended warranties on the equipment and lifetime warranties on the boiler. So if your boiler fails, the replacement of the replaceable heating element will fall under the warranty. Brands offering steam cleaning equipment with welded heating elements often do not provide lifetime boiler warranties, due to the high costs associated with entire boiler replacement.
To ensure you choose the highest quality, commercial or industrial steam cleaners for all your Grcc Electrician Program cleaning needs, choose a reputable supplier offering superior components and warranties.

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