Spring fever has hit us, again! As temperatures warm up in most parts of the United States, the young and old alike are itching to enjoy the warm sunshine, the wonderful fragrance of Spring flowers and the refreshing outdoors. What kind of nutritional supplements are expected to be consumer favorites during the Spring season? We take a fresh look at some of the hottest trends for supplement manufacturing in Spring 2010.
Anti-allergic supplements. During Spring, nature begins to bloom again and there’s more pollen in the air. Seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, are very common. Hay fever affects about 30 percent of Americans each year. Since more people are beginning to rely on or try out natural remedies to support immunity and boost anti-allergic response, nutrients and herbs that have anti-allergic properties will definitely have higher consumer demand. These include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), lycopene, magnesium, quercetin, glucomannan, licorice root, pinebark and butterbur extracts.
According to the 2006 National Health Survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), there are about 18 million adults and about 7 million children in America who suffer from some type of allergy.
Energy drinks. Energy drinks help boost vitality. With warmer temperatures comes the need for more hydration and more energy for Spring activities. Baby boomers are looking for energy drinks that help them cope with low energy levels as they age. Senior citizens are looking for energy, too, that is available to them in a delivery form that is convenient to take and more bio-available to their system. Energy drinks for sports and health enthusiasts are always popular.
Diet and weight loss supplements. Spring gives way to summer and as people approach the summer months and clothes become skimpier, it’s time to look at the scales. More people are into health fads and diets to lose those extra pounds they haven’t been able to lose since the holidays in December. Weight Tools Used In Industry loss supplements are hot products throughout the year, but Spring and Summer are the prime seasons for the sale of weight loss aids. Fat burners, appetite suppressants, and digestive aids that are based on credible research and science can enhance weight loss and complement any weight loss regimen.
Protein shakes. As people get back into their weight loss and diet regimens, high-protein supplements will be popular. High protein intake helps to boost energy levels, promote fat loss and build muscle. Remember, flavor and texture are key components to a smart protein shake.
Spring protection. Temperatures this year are predicted to be higher than average in many parts of the country. Topical lotions and creams that contain natural skin protectants are becoming the preferred choice of consumers. Production Strategy Pdf The terms “All Natural” or “Organic” especially in skin care products continues to have growing consumer appeal. Ingredients for skin care protection include aloe vera, green tea and nutrients such as Vitamins A, C and E.
For manufacturing a nutritional supplement that will hit consumer needs spot on this Spring, contact a knowledgeable contract manufacturer. A manufacturer with full customer service options will save you energy, time and resources that you can better put to use for promoting your products and expanding your business. A premier, quality supplement manufacturer can offer you helpful suggestions for producing products at budget prices. Increase your profit potential by choosing the right products for your line of Spring products.

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