Snake Skin Oil Artists Go Home, This Industry Isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us

It seems as if we just can’t get away from cheaters. I remember when I was younger and played sports, there were people who would cheat in soccer, and as I became a track star in high school and college, I noted there were some of the athletes taking performance enhancement type drugs. It always irked me, and I thought very little of these individuals, and in my athletic days I used to think to myself; “these folks can’t compete, they have no honor, no integrity, no talent, no skill, and they lack the genetics and competitiveness to win, so they cheat.”
Indeed, that’s how I felt, and I always held cheaters with low Mechanical Industrial Safety Ppt regard. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?
It seems as we get older we see more cheaters, we see them in politics, in the workplace, and in business. In fact, I’ve seen them in nearly every industry I’ve ever been in – it used to drive me crazy, now I feel sorry for them. That doesn’t mean I believe it is okay to let them continue to cheat, because it’s not okay, it’s not fair, it’s not right, and what they’re doing is unjust. Interestingly enough in business, there are cheaters on both sides of the fence.
You see, we have cheaters who pay lobbyists to get the law changed so that they can beat the competition within the new constructs of freshly created laws in their favor. If an honest and reputable businessperson wants to cheat against those new laws, then he is now considered a cheater, when reality it is the person who manipulated the law who are the real cheaters, along with their lawyers, or bribed politicians, even if lobbying is legal, which is in and of itself part of the same argument right?
This blurs the line between what is honest and reputable, and what isn’t. It doesn’t make it any more right, it just makes it more complicated. Therefore, it takes a man with a lot of integrity and honor to understand it all and to act accordingly. Where did they all go?
Now then, at the lower levels of business, at the very lowest level, let’s say online home-based Internet marketers, we also have cheaters, and there are scam artists amongst the decent folks working Industrial Production Meaning In Hindi so hard. These cheaters are looking for some sucker who has money so they can take a little bit, and actually believe they are cunning, and that their manipulative marketing strategies are okay.
They actually hold themselves in high regard, even as everyone else looking at what they’re doing wants to puke (yes, this is an opinion article, if you feel differently about what I’m saying, you may e-mail me) and yes, I do get hate mail occasionally, but I state my facts as someone needs to say it.
Now, for all the scam artists out there online, those attempting to sell us their trinkets, or take money from our friends and family, it’s time for you to go home, unplug, and find a little honor and integrity in your life. It’s a personal problem, you need to look in your mirror and fix it. Please consider all this and think on it.

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