Sheet Steel Suppliers

Sheet Steel Suppliers

How to Find the Best Sheet Steel Suppliers

If you’ve been scouring the market for the best sheet steel suppliers, Con-Tech Steel is the right place for information. It’s important that you source only the best quality materials whether you’re the owner of a fabrication company or someone who’s embarking on a manufacturing project. Everyone in the industry knows that the end result is only a product of what you put into it.

As a matter of fact, many studies have shown that the cause of most structural failures and accidents is directly correlated with the type and quality of the materials used.

Best Sheet Steel Suppliers

Two things you need to look for before selecting a company from a list of sheet steel suppliers are obviously a) good reputation for service; and b) high quality sheet metal. Suppliers known for delivering quality products with good service are not as easy to come by as expected. Check references to discover if a company has earned a mixed reputation from their past dealings, or a good or bad one. Does the company have any certifications with regards to plant management and quality assurance? Narrow down your sheet steel suppliers list to those who are ISO 9000 compliant. The ISO 9000 is actually a list of standards relating to quality management systems and is only granted to companies who pass inspection by third-party certification bodies. If a company meets the requirements set by the ISO 9000 then chances are they have a quality system that is evaluated regularly to check for conformance to product standards and quality. Con-Tech’s sheet metal source is trustworthy and ISO 9001 certified, ISO 14001 certified, and QS 9000 certified.

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Following Alibaba’s Feb. 21, 2011 disclosure of vendor fraud, even the most experienced metal buyers have to ensure effective evaluation measures when selecting wholesalers and other supply sourcing in China-particularly when sourcing online. Vendors conducting fraudulent activity on Alibaba were offering small quantities of electronics at attractive prices, not metals and steels or steel parts, but this shows how it could happen anywhere, so please seek your importers with due diligence here and everywhere.

Best sheet steel suppliers are hard to find in the forest of sheet metal suppliers. Use this guide to sourcing metal vendors.

Three Credentials of Good Sheet Steel Suppliers

What are the indicators to examine when find a good metal supply from a vendor with the aforementioned reputation and quality sheet metal?

Certifications (ISO) Customers (referrals, references, testimonials) Accessibility It is important to do business directly or personally with sheet steel suppliers so you can discuss material specifications and make the necessary arrangements. Other than the company’s standards of service and quality, you should consider delivery. Procurement is only part of your supply chain. Con-Tech Sheet Metal prices are traditionally well below the domestic market.

Factory visits or audits continue to be critical in the supplier verification process. Since it is not likely that you will go into an overseas factory to inspect their sheet metal production and quality, choosing an experienced American sheet metal supplier is in your best interest.

Domestic Ports Used By Sheet Steel Suppliers for Entry in the United States:

New Orleans


New York

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Long Beach