Rock Bands Can’t Tour Without Castors

No doubt about it but that the music Types Of Industry had gone through some dramatic changes in the last two decades in particular. For instance with CDs and DVDs being so easily copied and pirated, a band just can’t rely on their recordings for an income like they used to.
In fact some top billed signed bands are now giving away their latest CDs at their shows for promotion. So things have become a little bit topsy turvy for today’s touring bands. That is that they all too often don’t have the financial recourses for roadies.
So the guys in the band are all too often moving their equipment from the trailer to the stage then back again on castors. In fact if not for castors, with the weight of some of today’s sound and lighting equipment, so many of the skinnier musicians simply couldn’t cut it.
Hey, it’s hard to do fly off the stage while pounding out a flaming guitar solo when you have a blown disc in your lower back. Think it can’t happen to you? Well think again because believing that you’re some kind of heavy lifting he-man is step one to major back surgery.
Speaking of lifting, jacking castors sure have made a difference to touring rockers who’ve made the decision to start handling their equipment the easy way. Jacking castors mean that you don’t have to lift your load up after it’s brought to the van or trailer. Or that you don’t have to strain to lower it when you’re unloading it.
Then there is the damage factor to take into consideration and the fact is that when you come off the road, your tools of the trade will show some wear and tear. Now with castors though, you can keep the nicks scratches and dings to an absolute minimum because the majority of the damage occurs when things are being moved.
With castors you aren’t stuck banging things around because moving equipment is simply a far more effortless affair. Just wheel whatever you have to move out, jack it up to the required height, and gently glide it into its spot and your done. So then this brings us to security, and namely theft prevention.
Now one of the first hard lessons that a touring band usually learns on the road is how quickly and easily their equipment that they bought Indonesia Industrial Estate Directory 2018 with their hard earned money can get ripped off. It happens to pretty much every touring musician at some point in their career.
Castors mean that it takes fewer bodies to move things back and forth from the stage to whatever you’re transporting everything in. So this in turn frees up at least one person who can make it his or her job to stand watch on all the bands valuables until the final run is made so nothing can be stolen.

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