Robotics plays a great role in our technology today. It said to be the engineering science and main technology of robots. It is in relation with electronics, mechanics and software. Base in its history, the design for a humanoid robot or what was called the Mechanical Knight was design by Leonardo da Vinci in 1495. In 1737, Jacques de Vaucanson design a life-sized automaton in the form of a duck. The design was said to have the ability to eat grains to metabolize and defecate them. In 1800’s, The Japanese designed the karakuri toys, a mechanized puppet or automata that can served tea, fired arrows, and painted.
The robots was first introduce to public in the 20’s by Czech writer Karel AOEapek in his play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots), the story was about a factory that build artificial people also known as the robots, more like an idea of an androids and clones – creatures who can be mistaken for humans, that has the ability to think by itself.
In 1933 – 1938, a robot was build by Pittsburgh-based Westinghouse it was named Electro, it is a seven feet tall robot and weighing 265 pounds, more like a humanoid. It can walk by voice command, Lean Strategy Example can speak about 700 words, blow up balloons, smoke a cigarettes and it can also move its arms and head. Its eyes are consist of photoelectric materials that can distinguish red and green light.
General Motors lunched Unimate in 1961 at New Jersey, it was the first industrial robots. Its engineering technology was created by George Devolin the 50’s using his own original patents. Devol together with Joseph Engelberger started the “Unimation” it is a robot manufacturing company that was first ever build. The machine do the job of transporting die castings from an assembly lines to weld this parts on auto bodies. Unimate is consisted of a computer box link to another box connected to an arm design for high speed operation in car manufacturing. since it is programmable, it can also do some other task.
In 1973 KUKA Robotics, a leading German producer of industrial robots created the world first industrial robot with six electromechanical driven axes, known as FAMULUS. It ranges from 3 kg to 1300 kg payloads and 350 mm to 3700 mm reach, all controlled by a PC based controller platform.
The structure of robots is most likely the functionality of the human Body and its skeletal system or what we call the kenematic chain. It is consist of links like our bone, actuators that can be compare to our muscles and joints Latest Technology Trends 2018 that can allow a series degree of freedom. Robots are mostly powered by batteries, but potential power sources can be consider like pneumatic(compressed gasses), hydraulics(compressed liquid) and a radio active source.
The legacy of robotics had help us in many ways through our living. We could almost see them every where. almost all industry in manufacturing line uses an industrial robots and it gives them greater output and safety to the workers. We might even have a robot worker and helper in the future just like in the movies.
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