Range Of Sartorius Scales

The German-based Sartorius Company is credited as one of world’s finest weighs and scales manufacturer. Sartorius introduced their very first pharmaceutical balance of the world. Since then it has been made a leading name in the manufacturing of scales, balances and all types of weighing equipments with ever new range of styles and features. Their products stand in top of the line in the market which is an evidence of their technological supremacy and commitment to accuracy in scale results. Following is a list of Sartorius scales that help companies across several types of industries.

Sartorius Food and Industrial Scales:

The food processing industry has to go through tough regulations to ensure 100% compliance. For this purpose, Sartorius has come up with the new Combics Food Scale Series to make it easy to take suitable measure for sample analysis and to prevent contamination according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Sartorius Signum Series:

The Signum series allows you the flexibility to choose any application with your desired resolution, so that you can have the interface most suited to your needs. The features have IP65 protection for use in hazardous condition.

Sartorius Moisture Analyzer

This series of Sartorius scales is good for less space with its sturdy design and ease of operation. Special automatic features conform to daily requirements of labs, quality control, merchandise reception etc. All models comply with FDA/HACCP regulations.

Sartorius Analytical Balances

CubisA� sets the standard for others to follow with its series of modular devices. Features include control and display units, weight modules, draft protection, interface modules and a whole array of other accessories. This makes you enjoy a customized design in line with your specific requirements.

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Sartorius Checkweighers

The SYNUSA� rules the roost in this line of check weighing technology which combines the features of a metal detector into its tried and tested user interface.

Sartorius Gold Scales-GW Series

Keeping in mind the technical specifications of gold weighing this Sartorius scales GW series has been designed to give reliable weighing and fulfill other requirements that come with weighing this precious metal.

Sartorius Bench Brand Competitors Analysis Platform Scales

The Midrics series allows you to choose from hundreds of industrial applications e.g. platform scales, bench scales, pallet truck scales, floor scales and so on. No matter which business you have and wherever it is located, you can ask for special requirements that give you accuracy to the last decimal.

Sartorius Industrial Tech Sub Sector Scales

These have been designed to cater to extremely hazardous environments with explosion-protected body for the Factory Series. High accuracy, unique functions and easy to operate industrial scales are the choice of any company. Resolutions come in CLI, DIV1 GP A, B, C, D T4 types.

New Series:

The Sartorius GE series has been redesigned and boasts of an ergonomic design, sleek look and soft edges. A bi-directional RS-232 interface makes communication easy with a computer or printer. High quality stainless steel, easily readable LCD display, mass unit conversion, battery operated, piece count and options of calibration masses, external battery, printer, carrying case etc. all make the GE series worth your money.