Military Cleaning Solvents – Five Top Rated Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

For developers of industrial grade solvents, creating the ideal solvent usually begins with targeting a particular type of customer, such as automakers, hospitals, or even the military. What typically results, though, is a solvent that can benefit a broad variety of customers, despite its range of application usually benefiting the customer target the most. Using military cleaning solvents as an example, there are at least five eco friendly military cleaning solvents that can benefit customers who need industrial grade cleaning power but want solutions that are environmentally preferred or environmentally safe. We list them and describe their qualities below.
Electron 296 Dielectric Solvent
Electron 296 is a dielectric orange degreaser intended for military vehicles, ground equipment and weapons systems cleaning. Formulated without chlorinated solvents and having no SARA, RCRA, OSHA PEL or ACGIH TLV listed ingredients, Electron 296 is non flammable, fully evaporative, contains no water, exhibits no surface leakage of current in immediate residue tests, and has a dielectric strength to test limits 46,000 volts. Electron 296 is qualified to meet MIL-PRF-680A, Type IV.
New II Degreasing Cleaner Learn About Tech Industry for Parts Washers
New II is an environmentally preferred parts cleaner intended for drum mounted and immersion tank solvent parts washers. Containing no hazardous ingredients according to the EPA yet still powerful enough to remove grease, fuel oil, carbon and organic resins, New II has a flashpoint of 145 degrees Fahrenheit, is fully evaporative, contains no water, and is safe on all metals and most plastics and rubbers. New II is qualified to meet MIL-PRF-680A, Type II.
Vortex Citrus Cleaner and Industrial Degreaser
Vortex is a 100 percent organic degreaser that contains no petroleum distillates, alkalis, or halogenated solvents and is intended for general degreasing. Fully biodegradable and containing no harmful fumes, Vortex can be sprayed, wiped or brushed onto surfaces, and is capable of removing heavy accumulations of tar, asphalt and bitumen.
Positron Ultra-High Purity Dielectric Solvent
Positron is a dielectric orange degreaser intended for maintenance, repair and overhaul. Non-toxic and low odor, Positron is a highly aggressive dielectric solvent that Indonesia Garment Manufacturers offers superior dry time and has a dielectric strength to test limits of 48,000 volts. With no SARA or RCRA listed ingredients, Positron is safe and easy to use.
Safe Strip Paint and Resin Remover
Safe Strip is an environmentally preferred solvent for removing paints and resins in general military applications. Fully biodegradable, non-flammable, and offering one-step coatings removal, Safe Strip is similar in performance to MEK and methyl chloride, Safe Strip can be collected after use and used over and over again. For faster stripping action, Safe Strip can be safely heated up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

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