Mapping an Industrial Manufacturing Process

The term “mapping an industrial manufacturing process” sounds quite complex, but is not really hard to explain. In short it is where a floor plan is made of a manufacturing facility showing the direction that an item or items are assembled to make a finished product.
The task begins when a draftsman or drafter draws a layout of the building used to create a product. Then, to give the layout definition, all the isles, machines, presses, and work stations are drawn on the plan.
Once this is completed, arrows similar to treasure maps you read about as a child, are placed on the plan to show the various steps from start to finish of the completed product Importance Of Service Marketing Ppt as it moves from one section of the plant to another. Sometimes notes are shown on the layout explaining the actual process instructions for the workers reference.
Some of the most involved manufacturing process drawings are in industries like automotive or furniture plants. In the automotive industry, the flow process usually starts with the unibody or frame of the car or truck. And then the different parts like the seats, steering wheel, windshield, wheels and axles, hood, etc. are all placed on the vehicle until it rolls off the assembly line. With the furniture industry the piece always starts with the wooden frame, then the springs, next the padding, the upholstery, then finally the packaging.
In short, this type of drawing makes it easier to keep up with what is going on in a manufacturing Types Of Manufacturing Process plant. It is also used to plan out new additions to the process or processes.

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