When you are looking to buy a new home you often tend to create a list of “must haves.” Things or features that you have determined are deal breakers when you buy a home. Most people list things such as “lots of cabinet space” or “updated bathroom. All of these things are perfectly great things to look for and these perks do increase your chances of selling your home. But there is something that you can do that might not be top of mind. The inspection!
Do you really know what an inspection could reveal about your home? In the south we get a lot of humidity, heat and moisture! Moisture and heat is a perfect environment to get some nasty things growing in your home! How do you know if you have mold? OK, so my bathroom flooded but I called Safety Powerpoint Presentation the plumber and we put some box fans on it, that’s OK right? Well, the simple answer to both of those questions is to call your local Certified Industrial Hygienist. An Industrial Hygienist can do air quality tests and find out if you have mold or something like Radon in your home.
No matter where you live there are several choices for inspectors. You can choose to do a general inspection–they do a great job doing a cursory over view of the property, or you can choose to have a hygienist take a more in-depth look. The general inspection will often reveal a presence of a problem. They will not however reveal the source or origin of the problem. If you want a more in detailed picture of your home problems it would be a great idea to contact your local Industrial Hygienist. A Certified Industrial Hygienist can do many things, and often time they do a lot of work in the manufacturing Electrical Union Apprenticeship Program, BUT Hygienists are also great at finding unwanted house guests like mold, dust mites, Radon, and other allergens.
Maybe your general inspection found presence of mold, but you want to know more than just that you have mold! You want to know where the mold originated. How long has the mold been there? How do you get rid of mold? Does that mean I have a water or sewage issue? THIS is where you want to include your Industrial Hygienist. They can come out and conduct some air quality tests and see how prevalent the mold problem is.
Mold can make you sick. You don’t want to buy a home or put a house up for sale if it has mold. I recommend that you get your house inspected, by a quality Hygienist so that you know as a buyer and as a seller that your home is mold and allergen free! You’re buying a home, your dream home, and you’ve probably looked hard and saved up a lot of money to buy this home. Don’t throw it all away by cutting corners and not getting a quality inspection. Don’t know how to find a firm?

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