Metal detection is all about searching for things. It is all about satisfying your curiosity and about redefining and rediscovering the human being by bringing ancient objects to the surface. The metal detectors we have today use different technologies and have different options and settings facilitating all kinds of performances for which they were created in the first place.
In other words, there are five basic types of such detectors. Firstly, we have the metal detectors, which can help you discover coins, treasures and other such things. Then, we have the gold ones, the underwater ones Market Oriented Industry and the beach ones, followed by the detectors which can only be used at low depths. Last but not lest, we have the industrial detectors, which you can use to dig up different pipes or cables and other such things.
You need to have an authorization to use a detector and these authorizations are given under the laws of the country you live in. For instance, every state has a law which protects the archaeological patrimony and the transformation Buy Products Directly From Manufacturers of different archaeological sites into areas of national interest. Then, there are laws with regard to owning and selling different metal detectors on the market, all these processes having to be registered with an authorized organ.
These laws are only the basic ones, there being all kinds of modification and completions made to them, so that the national interest is protected and so that the archaeological sites are never endangered as they represent the main proofs of our history.

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