With incidents of identity theft on the rise, private citizens have been purchasing more shredders than ever before. But what can business owners do to protect themselves and their clients, without investing huge amounts of capital and trust by using an outside shredding service? The answer: leasing industrial shredding equipment for your own use.
The Many Uses of Industrial Shredding Equipment
Private citizens utilize paper shredders to dispose of bank statements, credit card statements, and even the credit cards themselves, all in order to protect themselves from identity theft. Businesses can do the same, but the sheer What Is An Electrician Salary amount of paper that businesses generate makes it impossible for those twenty dollar shredders that you can buy at the office supply house to keep up with the volume. For this, you definitely need industrial shredding equipment.
With the right equipment, any business can protect themselves and their customers from identity theft through the regular shredding of any volume of paper at one time. All of them are designed to handle huge stacks of paper, cardboard containers, file folders, all at one shot. Some of them are powerful enough to help your company’s recycling efforts by shredding plastic bottles and aluminum cans, making them even more invaluable to your business.
Types Of Shredders Accelerated Electrician Course Available
There are various types of shredding equipment available on the market today for business use. Even government offices regularly use shredding machines to destroy sensitive documents and even computer CDS on a regular basis for security reasons. The main types are: strip-cut, cross-cut, micro-cut, medium volume commercial, industrial and high volume.
The high volume is designed to handle entire bales of paper, plastic and cardboard all at once, shredding them into confetti within minutes. The types of medium volume and industrial shredders can also be considered to be strip-cut, cross-cut, or micro-cut, depending on what version you need for your business. The strip-cut, cross-cut and micro-cut smaller shredders are the same as the ones available in your local office supply store, only bigger.
Why Lease?
If you are looking to invest capital into an industrial shredding machine, why do so when it may be more to your benefit to lease one instead? If you purchase one, you will then be responsible for maintenance, and a lot of other hidden costs, not to mention that the depreciation rate on such equipment will not exactly be kind to your bottom line at year’s end.
By leasing, you can break the cost of its use into more affordable lease payments, over time. Even if you do not need it every day, this would still be a more cost-saving option in the long run, because the lease will be less than what it would cost you to purchase one outright, even beating the wholesale cost. Plus, you do not have to worry about maintenance or repairs, because the firm you lease it from would take care of that. And, you save on equipment depreciation cutting into your bottom line at year’s end.

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