The Indian leather Industry Analysis Example is booming with vast production of leather goods and exports increasing every day. India is the second largest exporter of footwear industry in the world and accounts for 20 percent of India’s total export of leather and leather products. Major international markets include the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden and Russia. Amongst these Italy is one of the most favored destinations to export leather.
Italy is also the major supplier of state-of-the-art machinery and equipments to the Indian leather industry. And again Italy is the second largest importer of leather and leather products from India. Through joint ventures with footwear manufacturers in India, CLE (India’s Council for Leather Exports) has helped to bring Italian footwear manufacturers to set up export production bases in India. Therefore you can buy some of the best Italian leather shoes in India. Italian leather shoes have been a name that has shown class and elegance for decades and has created a huge market in India. Italy has several joint venture collaborations with India and as such Indo-Italian relationship has sustained and further helped in the development of the leather industry. Moreover under the Mission Mode scheme of Indian Leather Development Programme (ILDP), Italy is one of the chosen countries to organize road show programs to help the leather footwear manufacturing in India.
The road show was mainly done to promote the Indian Leather industry with highlights on strengthening ties between the Indian and Italian industries. Italian footwear is much sought after globally, with various renowned brands in India exhibiting shoes of Italian make.
With UNIDO-SPX promoting the Indian leather industry, especially small and medium sized manufacturers to make a mark in the international market, the export of leather, mainly leather footwear is increasing at a rapid pace. This organization has also helped international companies find skilled subcontractors who can manufacture the best leather products and create a foothold in the global market. SPX has set up associations like footwear association in Pune, Chennai and NCR regions. The Indian Shoe Federation or ISF has also partnered with SPX and is continuously rendering its services to the footwear industry. ISF has encouraged footwear manufacturers in India to follow practices that are transparent, innovative, reliable fast and cost effective. The main duties of ISF include promoting, assisting, strengthening and exploring global markets to help the footwear association of Pune, NCR and Chennai to export more and more leather goods in the international market.
SPX and ISF have targeted the footwear association in Pune, Chennai and NCR regions of Delhi, since these regions have the maximum potential to attract foreign buyers. Especially the Italian market Leverage Meaning has been conveyed the message clearly about Indian’s preparedness and efficiency to produce quality products accompanied with high fashion and latest designs that are equally cost effective.

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