Hearth Industry Get’s With the Times by Offering Modern Fireplaces

The hearth industry has been playing catch up with changing consumer tastes, and it looks like they are finally getting the picture by offering more modern gas fireplaces. Although you can still find many examples of traditional fireplace looks with brass and ornamentation aplenty, many hearth companies are developing product lines that match today’s contemporary aesthetic.
If you are looking to match the modern décor of your building with a gas fireplace, you might want to check out the simple yet sophisticated Napoleon HD35. This eye catching fireplace produces Lite Manufacturing up to 25,000 BTU’s, or you can adjust the flame level to a lower more energy efficient level. Since the direct vent system pulls combustion air from outside into the unit its extremely efficient.
Another benefit of this fireplace is there is no need to worry if the power goes out, the fuel saving electronic ignition has a battery backup and an adjustable flame control. There are two choices for media, you can go with an ultra realistic hand painted ceramic Phazer log set looks just like wood, or you can choose the refractory river rock media kit for an alternative look. The pivoting heat resistant doors are easily cleaned, and they radiate the heat into the room. This gas fireplace is covered by Napoleon’s Limited Lifetime warranty, one of the best in the industry.
You may be able to find this fireplace at your local hearth products dealer, but a smart shopper will look for deals online. Hearth product showrooms have higher costs in inventory, storage, and floor space than What Are The Manufacturing Systems online retailer for and by necessity stock a limited selection. E-commerce companies pass these savings on to customers, and if you do your research on modern gas fireplaces online you can really get a bargain.

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