Finding an Old School Supplier

Today there is no shortage of wholesale suppliers. All will claim great prices and service. Where is one any different than another?

It is amazing how business has changed over the years. Before, when competition was stiff, a company would seek out ways to stand out. Those ways have changed a lot. Today, many sellers spend a lot of money to create an attractive website filled with nice photos of products. They will include words like “our world famous…” and “customers are our main concern”

While the pictures and words can be somewhat appealing to many, they are in fact just pictures and words.

It is extremely rare to find a supplier today which has the customers’ interest truly at heart.

let’s take a look at 2 actual businesses which are in the wholesale industry- (names will be left out)

Company “A”-

We offer our customers the best service and lowest prices available. All our products are of high quality. Send us your request for a quote.

Company “B”-

We understand the difficulties and risk associated in finding a reliable supplier, people often make decisions in haste. That is why, we hold processing of every order for 48 hours. Once your payment is received, you have 48 hours to change your mind for any reason with no questions asked. You funds will be returned with in 12 hours of your request (minus bank wire transfer service fees).

To also show our support to our customers we have “Reward Programs” to allow you to earn credit on shipping charges up to $1,000

And there is more-

We include FREE products for you to consider. These free items are yours with no obligation on your part. These are NOT cheap dollar store type freebees most will have a retail value of over $200.00. Our hope is you will find these items also marketable.

In addition in saving our customers money, we realize large orders usually involve large shipping fees. For this reason, we will pay 30% of the shipping charges on orders over $36,000.00

We can offer services like this because wholesale supplying in just one of our many services. Your success is our success.

Regardless of the supplier you choose, we wish you success!

Notice that the benefits to the customer was clearly stated without and pressure to quote a price. The customer can make a better comparison when shopping around for suppliers.

We need to bring back the days when business transactions built long term trust and friendships.

By master