Ear Piercing – A Guide to the Different Types

If you are thinking about getting a piercing done in your ear there is much to learn. There are many different types of piercing procedures. Today people are piercing their ears in many more places than just the ear lobe. Here is a quick guide you can print up and take with you when go to have an ear piercing.
In no particular order here are the many different types of ear piercings you can have done today:
Scaffold is two piercings on the cartilage or rim of the ear which are joined by one single barbell.
A Tragus is done through the piece of cartilage that sticks out from the ear in front of the canal.
An Anti Tragus Piercing is done on the raised fold of cartilage opposite the tragus and above the ear lobe on the outer portion of the ear.
Conch is done through the large area of cartilage making up the back of the ear.
A Daith is done through the part of the ear that is close to the ear canal What Can A Level 2 Electrician Do just beneath the rook. This is also referred to as helix or crux.
An Ear Lobe Piercing is probably the most common and popular. This is done through the fleshy tissue hanging at the bottom of the ear. This is a location on the ear that gets good blood flow and as a result it heals quickly.
A Pinna is done through the slim strip of cartilage closest to the side of the head at the top of the ear. It is also called a forward helix piercing.
An Industrial Piercing is a double pierce through the ears cartilage. They are done opposite each other and joined by a single barbell piece of jewelry.
The Orbital is done through the cartilage at the top of the ear and goes through the same area in two places.
Industrial Via Rook is similar to industrial piercing, with only one slight difference-the piercing goes through the rook of the ear.
A Snug is done above the anti tragus, in the middle of the outer rim of the ear.
Two of the most popular types of ear piercings today are the penna, daith and industrial.
Placed on the cartilage rim along the top of the ear Packaging Business Ideas the pinna piercing looks elegant and unusual.
Although ear lobe piercing is most traditional, piercings done through the cartilage of the ear’s rim helix can be stunning and extravagant. This is also called the daith piercing.
A piercing that is also popular that attracts a lot of attention and allows a person to show off their unique personality is the industrial piercing. This type of piercing is quite fashionable today.
Be aware that with many of the different ear piercings, because of their location on the ear, they can take quite a while to heal. So be prepared to take the necessary precautions. Take care in the healing process and follow all the rules so you do not have problems.

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