If you are in need of a commercial vacuum which you want primarily to ‘suck up’ all your commercial cleaning worries, here is some product information to help you out.
In talking about commercial vacuums, Eureka C5712A Commercial Upright Vacuum is one model you can check out. Measuring 12 x 44 x 13 inches, it sports a very powerful vacuum suction that is ideal for commercial or very heavy residential use. Its inbuilt filtration system captures almost 100% of all allergens and filters the exhaust for clean indoor air. Mounted with a headlight and fitted with a long cord, customers find it useful to identify dirt and pick it up from far away corners.
The Black 8.3 pounds Hoover Company Commercial Portapower Commercial Vacuum Cleaner is another model which many prefer due to its high efficiency as compared to its ease in use. It is very compact in design and is great for users cleaning different floors who need to move about. It comes with a tool set comprising of eight different equipments such as floor brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, dusting brush, a number of wands, storage equipments and straps.
Electrolux Eureka Sanitaire SC3683A Commercial Canister Vac is also another model of Commercial Vaccum which can be attained in a very good bargain online. Weighing 15 pounds this red colored commercial vacuum consists of a canister which is HEPA technology ready. A lightweight model, it consists of an array of attachments such as the floor brush, wall brush, dust wash, crevice tools, wands, straps, hoses and cords.
A cheap but durable commercial vacuum cleaner is that of the Eureka C2094G Heavy Duty Cloth Bag Upright Commercial Vacuum. Weighing 20 pounds and consisting of a 50 ft cord, this product sports a powerful headlight and a foot power switch for control. The model’s appreciation lies in it being simple and easy to maneuver and use. While different settings exist for various cleaning surfaces, a wide bumper provides protection to furniture. A simple but useful model it can be got as cheap as $ 80 in online bargains.
The SanitaireA� Quick KleenA� Fan Chamber with Vibra Groomer I falls into the high price range of commercial vacuums where advanced technology comes to save you from all your cleaning problems. Cottage Industries Definition It has a 12 inch cleaning width with a Macron filter technology which sucks up to almost 100% of pollutants and allergens. Moreover, a clear fan chamber signals when the machine requires service.
The many other features and attachments of this commercial vacuum like position adjustments, height adjustments, macron filter pouter bag, vinyl bumper, large and easy rolling wheels at the back, metal ball bearing brush with bristles that are replaceable and the 7 amp motor. Other additional benefits are steel hood, powerful headlight, separately bought disposable bags, etc.
With a price range that starts from a mere $80 to $500, commercial vacuums come in different shapes, sizes and designs Plastic Business Ideas having various built in technologies for better and more efficient cleaning solutions for commercially purposes.

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