Cigarette Smoking: A Need or a Want?

A cigarette is a cleverly crafty product carefully designed to deliver just the right quantity of nicotine to keep its user addicted to and gradually kills him with time. Cigarette smoking brings momentary euphoria and relief there after but the consequences are devastating. Tobacco Operations Strategy In Manufacturing Ppt is a drug just like cocaine and Heroine which causes addiction. If we say that cigarette smoking is a need, it can be likened to potable water, good health facilities, and schools among others which any government must be ready to provide to the denizens as justification.
Presumptuous that it is a want it is analogous to a man who desires having many vehicles at a time which may be considered as luxury and thus optional. So many governments all over the world wish to make tobacco consumption a need where as it is a want. The inquiry is whether one can willfully give a healthy human being an option to die if really he cherishes the life of that person? If one feeds a cow, he is not helping the cow but indirectly helping himself for he will one day milk the cow. In the same vein, if you give any one the option to die, you are not helping that person for you know what you stand to gain when the person dies.
Whether it is a need or want, the combat against cigarette smoking needs many sectoral approaches in other to surmount. Where as serious wars are waged against drug cartels in countries like Columbia and Mexico, one will notice with consternation the hypocrisy and laxity in which other countries are tackling the issue of tobacco consumption knowing well the consequences on the health of the citizens. It is often common to see on a packet of cigarette the inscription “The Ministry of Health warns that Tobacco smoking is dangerous to your health or better still smokers are likely to die young”. That is hypocrisy and deceit of the first order and must not be accepted. Yet people spend a chunk of their fortune to acquire something which will later kill them. Presuming they are doing so out of ignorance, then the government of such countries should take serious measures to protect the health of its citizens.
Health is wealth and any country that toys with the health of the citizens is building on mud. Tobacco irrespective of the route in which it is taken contains carcinogens and other related substances which are detrimental to the health of the person Food Manufacturing Business Ideas taking it. Numerous deaths have been recorded all over the world because of tobacco related diseases and that the governments of such countries are aware of the cost implication of treating such related illnesses let alone the deaths recorded.
Prevention is better than cure. One can not therefore be at arm rest and watch any government toying with the health of its citizens. The sarcasm is that such governments are interested in the huge taxes paid by such companies before operating in the country. In order to mislead the people further more, they tend to pretend that cigarette smoking should be limited only to certain areas since non smokers are equally may even go as far as banning its advertisement over the televisions, radios and bill boards but that does not suffice. Why allow such companies to operate in the first place?
The true cost of human lives lost to tobacco related illnesses is the tax that government collects from tobacco manufacturing companies operating in such countries all over the world. Where on earth can a price tag be placed on human life if we are honest to ourselves? Can the banning of cigarette companies all over the world be a solution?. One may advance the squabble that you are not obliged to smoke implying that it is not compulsory. In addition, it offers employment to those who are growing and processing it. At the same time, any inquisitive wit will not cease to ponder why such a crafty product detrimental to health should be produced in the first place. In countries where tobacco does well, other crops can equally be cultivated in the place of tobacco.
If you give a monkey a cup, you have to behave like a monkey in other to retrieve the cup or else the monkey will run into the bush with the cup. In the same vein when government collects huge taxes from tobacco manufacturing companies, they will tend to pretend that they are unaware of the consequences. Sin therefore is not only the wrong that we do in breaking the law but also our failure to do what is right. Those who lie for personal gains do not always stick together for long especially when hardship decreases the benefits as some of the people in authority who could champion the course against tobacco consumption have equally been affected either directly or indirectly.
Medical practitioners who are supposed to be front liners in the campaign for the banning of cigarette companies have maintained sealed lips because they line their pockets with huge sums of money from treatment of tobacco related illnesses. Is that not hypocrisy of the Hippocratic Oath usually taken when being admitted into the profession? After all what will they be doing if every body were to be healthy?
It is time we call a spade a spade and not a garden tool. Civil societies, Non Governmental Organizations, Common Initiative Groups, Churches, mosques wake up an intensify the fight against tobacco production just as it is intensified in countries where the coca plant for example is being grown. Marijuana is no exception for it is more or less a cash crop within some localities. Let us unite to denounce the fact that no government has the right to endanger the health of its citizens merely because it is interested in the taxes and insurance quotas such companies are paying. Remember that when the threads unite, they can tie a lion. Then and only then shall we see how much tobacco consumers have saved for other profitable ventures let alone their health.
By Fuh Ngwa

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