Cheaper Wholesale Products on Salehoo – How to Import Cheap Products From Salehoo Suppliers

Many retailers and resellers ask how they can get cheaper wholesale products to sell. With cheaper products, they will be able to sell their merchandise at more competitive prices or with a higher profit margin. There are many wholesale suppliers with almost the same kinds of products at similar prices. How can you find cheaper ones? The best way to get cheaper products is to import them yourself. This is not too difficult because Salehoo has suppliers based in other countries and they have direct contact with manufacturers from whom they can get the products at the cheapest possible price. Importing your products from these suppliers will allow you to obtain the products at a cheaper price.

Manufacturers offer the lowest prices but they require a minimum order worth thousands of dollars and with quantities in the hundreds or thousands of items. This may be too much for you. The next best thing is to import from wholesalers with smaller minimum orders. Prices will be lower if you purchase the items directly from the country of origin. You can do this because among the thousands of suppliers in Salehoo’s wholesale directory are wholesalers based in other countries such as China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and others.

When you determine the wholesale cost of the item, be sure to factor in all expenses including the base price, shipping cost, import duties, insurance and other fees involved. Once you know the actual wholesale cost of each item you can now calculate your selling price.

You can actually save on shipping costs if you negotiate with the supplier. The most common shipping term is FOB (Freight on Board) but try to negotiate for better terms such as CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight) or DDP (Delivery, Duty Paid) because this minimizes your cost and risk.

Shipping time could take up to 2 or 3 months when the items originate from another country. You have to consider your timetable and place your orders early enough so you will get your products on time for when you need them.

Importation requires a lot of paper work and forms to be filled and filed. Check with your local customs bureau to find out what documents, duties and fees have to be taken care of. Your wholesale supplier can also help you with this.

The extra work you have to do when you import goods will be well compensated when you sell your products for a much higher profit than ever before.

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