Carpet Through The Years

It almost sounds strange but the word carpet used to cover standard wall and table coverings as well as floor coverings. This was probably an obvious conclusion as it was not until the 18th century that carpets were used regularly in European houses as floor coverings. They have Service Sector Wikipedia of course been around a lot longer than that and early carpets probably started in southern Asia around 2000 / 3000 BC. The Persian carpet was developed around in the 3rd and 4th centuries but was not shipped to Europe in any great numbers until around the 17th century.
The Industrial Revolution changed things dramatically from a production point of view as the mechanisation of spinning and weaving took over from the hand made goods of the past. The British carpet market soon polarised on Norwich as this was near the channel ports and the in the 16th Century the Flemish Calvanists fleeing from persecution in Europe came the England and settled and gradually the business grew. In the 18th century there were 3 main manufacturers namely Exeter, Moorfields and Axminster.
The modern carpet business has now changed out of all proportions and the materials have changed from the natural fibres although it is still possible to find carpets with natural fibres, the market has changed towards synthetic fibres. These are relatively inexpensive and particularly hard wearing. It is quite easy to get the Invest In African Small Business right colour and these are very consistently maintained throughout the carpet. Carpets have nearly always come in 12 ft. and 16 ft. widths although many used a 27″ runner stitched together and these can still be found in some places. These days many places have gone metric and the widths are 4 and 5 metres as a standard.
The options available today are immense with so many different weaves and style and colours that the selection available is almost too much. For an example looking on the Internet you can find websites covered with dozens of different carpets and all sorts of other types of flooring. The net is gradually taking over, if not the final order at least it supplies a great deal of help in the choosing of a carpet. It is now possible to see all the different types of carpets and the different types of manufacture and it is possible to set the carpet in a virtual room to see that the colour and pattern suits the room concerned.

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