Buy High Profit Goods Wholesale on eBay

It may surprise you to know that eBay is one of the best places to buy goods wholesale without ever leaving home in the process.

For a personal example, an American wholesaler, operating on eBay, charges $50 (about A�32.50 including postage) for units of 20 pins (we call them ‘badges’) which I sell at ten to twenty pounds each on the UK site. I can’t give his contact details, at his request, because he has all the business he wants and can not supply more than a couple of new clients per listing and I don’t want anyone to say I sent them his way. But he’s easy to find if you search for ‘wholesale’ on eBay and work your way through the listings.

GREAT IDEA: You’ll find hundreds of people selling wholesale goods on eBay which are listed on one country site and not obvious to potential buyers for those items elsewhere. So, for example, you’ll find US sellers listing wholesale lots of Masonic rings on the US site which are excellent sellers in the UK, and well worth importing to sell individually on eBay UK.

The beauty of buying bulk lots from the US and other non-UK eBay sites is that people seeking those rings and other goods as gifts or for personal use do not want to buy in bulk and prefer to purchase on their own country site. That’s because they feel better protected against scams or non-delivery from domestic suppliers because they expect Trading Standards and other consumer watchdogs to get involved if they feel cheated. Additionally, they pay less postage and don’t wait so long for goods to arrive from UK sellers and there are no import taxes to inflate their costs.

It’s important to order just one item to test market on your chosen country eBay site or ask the seller if he’ll let you use his product images and descriptions. One you know you have a best seller it’s time to buy your goods in bulk, preferably from the same supplier, and say you’ll consider buying larger lots for an agreed discount.

By master