Beware of Fake Drop Shipping Provider Listings

If you wish to launch your home-based internet trade for very small money, you need wholesale providers who drop ship.

Why? Because working with drop shipping providers reduces the need for you to hold expensive inventories. You don’t need to hire a store house, hire workers, set up accounts with FedEx and UPS, and so on. You can vend the best trade names on globe from your home computer, and make good cash at it.

Wholesale providers who drop ship deliver the items you vend straight from their stock room to your buyer, with your company name on it. All you need to do is to get your customer’s order and pass it to the wholesaler. You keep the difference between the wholesale rate the wholesaler charges you, and the retail rate you vend to your client for.

Obviously, there are lots of sites out there that want you to think they’re wholesale drop shipping providers. They will establish accounts with, say, ten true drop ship providers. Then they will call themselves something like “drop ship heaven”, and say that they’re the wholesale drop shipping provider. Then it will go like this:

o They will put publicity all over the net proclaiming to be the largest source that ever existed for all types of great items, and they will drop ship all those items to your client.

o You will get excited as you can really put everything from electronics to camping gear on your web site and vend it.

o They will ask for an account set up charge, to cover their processing. (Remember: true wholesale providers will never ask an account set up charge).

o These fake wholesale providers might send you a shiny, nice list of items and show you where to get the item descriptions and images to be placed on your website.

o You will get excited, and place all this good stuff on your web site, set your rates so that you can earn an income more than what “drop ship paradise” charges.

o You will open your web site, and you hardly vend a thing.

You have got nailed by one of the most popular frauds on the internet.

They took you for a couple of hundred bucks in exchange for a CD full of item images. They might have even locked you into a deal where you need to pay them each month to be a “member” of their “distributorship”.

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