Are Box Fans Worth It?

While there is certainly no shortage of options available to the modern consumer for cooling and ventilating there homes and properties, the simple box fan remains one of the most popular choices all across the world. Simple to use and with almost zero installation (as well as being an incredibly reasonable economic alternative to some of the more expensive options like air conditioning) the box fan will certainly not disappoint – so long as it is used in an effective and efficient manner.
Residential Small Scale Industries Examples Uses
It would be next to impossible to find any house in each and every neighborhood across America that didn’t have at least a single box fan in use during the summer. These simple rectangular box fans can most often be seen in windows all Manufacturing Strategy Wiki up and down the street, bringing cooler air into the home while pushing warmer air out – at least that’s the prevailing theory. But do they actually act as an effective alternative to say, air conditioning or tower and ceiling fans?
In short, it all depends. Some fans, especially box window fans, can be used effectively to cool a home pretty quickly – so long as you strategically set up your fans and have a somewhat open air layout in your home. You’re going to need at least two fans – one on each opposite end of the home or building – to properly push and pull air into and out of the house, creating a cooling breeze. As to whether or not box window fans can be as effective as tower and ceiling fans, I think the answer is a resounding yes. Tower fans are good for cooling off people more than they are entire rooms or homes, and ceiling fans, while effective, are really just pushing the same air around. Box window fans can actually draw air in and out of the home, not only cooling you off but also refreshing your air supply.
Industrial Uses
Where box window fans and industrial box fans really shine though is in more commercial applications. While still viable options for cooling off an industrial area quickly and effectively, the temperature in commercial enterprises is more likely to be handled by a professionally installed HVAC system. Where industrial box fans come into play most often in a commercial situation is providing excellent ventilation for rooms and buildings.
Basically the same rules as the residential use of industrial box fans apply – you set your industrial box fans up in opposing windows and push and pull air into and out of the room you’re looking to provide ventilation for. This could be because of painting, primer, dust – anything that’s going to put pollutants into the air supply that you’d really rather not have people breathing. This causes a vacuum like effect in the room, and all of the air will be cycled out as quickly and efficiently as the industrial box fans can handle.

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