25 years ago the percentage of overweight and obese people were minimal compared to what we see today. In fact the experts are now agreeing that America is reaching a 70% obesity rate. 7 out of 10 people are overweight or obese. People! I have to tell you this is insanity! How can 7 out of ten people be obese? It just doesn’t seem logical or possible so I decided to do a little test.
Over the course of a week, every time I went out to dinner in various restaurants I brought with me a little notepad and decided to start counting people in the restaurant. How many of these people around me were fat? How many of these people around me were obese? The results that I came up with were astounding and sadly enough the experts and the doctors seem to be correct.
As I looked around the restaurant and watched people dining, as I looked around the restaurant and watched the new arrivals come through the front door and be seated it Classification Of Industries was true, 6 to 7 people out of 10 were fat. Now I’m not talking just a little overweight, they were fat. Not only were they fat, they were there to get even fatter!
So now I realize that these findings and statistics and reports seem to be true so I asked myself why are we destroying ourselves with food? Why are we killing ourselves with food? Why do we battle against the tobacco companies because of the danger of smoking and yet continue to allow the food industry to kill us at a much more alarming rate than cigarette smoking ever did?
It is for this reason, among many others, that myself and a team, a small team, have made a commitment to blog on these kinds of issues. Issues related to the food industry, issues related to the obesity epidemic, issues related to America’s health, and lifestyle.
This blog will be dedicated to informing the public on current food industry trends, healthy eating practices, healthy lifestyle choices, current diets and exercise programs that work, exposure of diet and exercise fads that don’t work, and anything else related to the food, fat lass, weight-loss, health and wellness, exercise, organics, and anything else that we decide might fit into the fatal food categories.
It’s time to take a stand America! The food that we are eating and the food that we are being sold is in fact fatal. The lifestyles that we are living are in fact fatal. Nobody wants to be a fatality and the sad thing is that most people don’t realize the alarming dangers that we are bombarded with daily with our food choices.
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