Aloe Gel

What is aloe gel? I’m referring here just to the inner gel from an Aloe Vera leaf – specifically Aloe Industry Analysis Business Plan Barbadensis Miller, the most potent aloe vera and the only one entitled to be called the ‘true’ aloe.
Known since the beginning of recorded history as one of the most beneficial plants on earth, this special member of the lily family (related to onions, garlic and asparagus!) has been improving health for generations.
Its gel contains over 75 known active ingredients (and probably many more). Included are 19 of the 20 amino acids required by the human body and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids that the body can’t make.
Also included are vitamins and minerals – the whole combination making it perhaps Nature’s most perfect vegetable drink!
Why do I and countless others drink it? I find that it helps me maintain a healthy digestive system, along with great energy levels. I recommend it as a daily nutritional drink for general health and wellbeing – as well as for its natural anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties.
But let’s make the necessary distinction now between inner leaf aloe gel and whole leaf aloe juice!Many manufacturers Quaternary Sector In Indonesia use the whole leaf manufacturing process, involving harvesting the whole plant rather than individual leaves.
This is pulped and then filtered to remove unwanted elements such as the plant’s rind and sap – often called bitter aloes or aloin. The final filtration to extract this aloin is through an extremely efficient carbon filter that may also be extracting beneficial ingredients.
If the whole leaf system is used to make tablets there can be still further interference with the plant’s natural ingredients.
It’s best in my opinion to leave the natural balance of nutrients undisturbed. So it is important that the manufacturing process is as gentle as possible and that it doesn’t involve excessive filtration, concentration or excessive heat, leaving the long chain polysaccharide in the same state as when in the plant.
The inner leaf aloe gel that I drink daily on an empty stomach will not be exposed to the damaging effects of the stomach juices since it passes very quickly into the small bowel, where it’s absorbed unchanged – resulting in maximum effect on the immune system.
Need I say more?

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