Congratulations! Your business has grown or has just started and you need work benches! The first thing you do is go to your friendly search engine or online buyers guide or perhaps even the Yellow Pages and look up your keyword. You now discover that there are hundreds of companies that claim to be able to help with your work bench order. This article will help you cut through the clutter – get an appropriate quotation, and get your product on order.
The first thing you need to consider is capacity. Many dealers provide workbenches with 14 gauge or lighter tops. For industrial use, you may want to consider dealers offering 12 gauge steel tops. Once you have the capacity under control, the next step is to look at the size you need. A standard unit will measure about 60 inches x 30 inches, but better dealers will offer workbenches from 24 to 98 inches deep and 48 inches to ‘ as long as you want’ in length. The as long as you like it type is what is normally used in print shops. A production table can be very deep and seamless, and stretch on and on, the supplier just provides additional legs and 4 foot top sections.
ESD benches are also a possibility, so if you are in a high tech environment, that may be the product for you. When ordering an ESD bench, male sure to have your dealer Principles Of Industrial Safety Pdf quote ESD benches to go along with them. What is the sense of protecting your equipment on the bench when you can fry the equipment with an ungrounded chair.
Work benches come in a variety of tops the most popular tops are maple, steel, plastic laminated and shop top. In wood tops, the thick the top the more durable the work bench. There are many quality manufacturers and a reputable dealer would offer products from these lines. Incidentally, this is not an exhaustive list, just a representation of what is reasonable. These companies include Edsal, Penco, Lista, Lyons, Stronghold, Pucel, Parent Metal, Tennsco and others as well. Along the way to deciding what brand you may like, you probably want to contact your dealer and have him work out a quotation for you. A quality industrial dealer handles work benches with regularity, while individual customers often order only a few work benches in a career. Take advantage of the sales staff and do your research! A great dealer – is willing to work to earn your valued business!
Good luck with your work bench purchase! I hope this article makes the task easier.
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