10 Work-Related Illnesses and Injuries That Often Deserve A Claim

The workplace should be a safe environment, with every precaution taken to avoid hazards and protect employees from harm. However, in many situations, that’s not the case. Here are 10 work-related illnesses and injuries that may be worth claiming for.
1. Asbestosis – This is an illness caused by regular or heavy exposure to asbestos. It involves the lungs becoming scarred and can leave sufferers with a severe shortness of breath.
2. Mesothelioma – Another asbestos-related illness and a rare form of cancer that can take up to three decades to manifest. It attacks a protective linking in the body, which covers many vital organs.
3. Brain or head injury – A serious head injury can be caused by falling objects, when an employee trips over something or a number of other workplace hazards. It can leave people with physical, emotional, sensory or cognitive problems and medical care may be required.
4. Spinal injury – Another serious injury that can be caused in the workplace, especially through falling, can be injuries to the spine. The effects can be devastating and, from physiotherapy to ongoing medical care, the costs can be considerable.
5. Road traffic accident related injury – If you drive as part of your job, then you are on the road far more than other drivers. As such, the risk Neca Pre Apprenticeship Test of an accident is likely to be higher. Injuries can range in seriousness, but can have long-term effects which can effect your future employment.
6. Industrial deafness – Described as the permanent loss of hearing by exposure to industrial noise in a worker’s employment, this is a common disease in the workplace. Excessive noise can lead to tinnitus, a permanent illness that involves sounds like ringing or buzzing being heard in the ear without an external source.
7. Fatal accident – From collisions on the road to spinal and head injuries, the worst accidents have resulted in loss of life for many workers. If your loved one has died as the result of a workplace accident, then you may be entitled to make a claim.
8. Lung Cancer – A third asbestos exposure related illness is lung cancer, Apprenticeship Vs Trade School Reddit which is particularly common when combined with being a regular smoker.
9. Psychological problems – All accidents in the workplace can be traumatic and, as such, have the potential to lead to psychological effects that may also be eligible for a claim.
10. Amputations – These injuries are life changing and can have a far reaching impact on your mental and physical health. Often caused through an industrial accident, they can require many years of physio and counselling.
If you’ve suffered from a workplace accident, injury or illness then you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

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